Monday, March 3, 2008

What are the odds?

One of my fave blogs is Liberty Post.
I had been checking her blog often to see what she had to say, one day she mentioned my favorite Canadian designer Brian Gluckstein....and I was hooked. Gluckstein is a regular on Cityline, a Canadian morning show that I can pick up on my rooftop got that right folks, no cable here at the farm.
Anywhoooo....this morning I popped over to Liberty Post to see what's going on in her groovy world and lo and behold. She's got a post about Oprah's latest magazine and there are photos of O's Retreat in Montecito, the goofy thing is...right there next to my laptop is O's magazine opened to the same page that Liberty referenced in her blog. I can count the times I've bought O's magazine on one hand, I have a weakness for magazines but O's doesn't make the cut. This weekend while I was racing through the grocery store, the cover of this magazine with the fountain photo and the garden vista grabbed me and wouldn't let go. It's spring and I'm hopeless when it comes to resisting lush garden photos, especially when said garden installation probably cost more than I will ever spend on all of the gardens in all of the places I will ever life in my whole life, but I can still look, and dream....
Of all of the garden photos, in all of the mags...and all of the blogs...that these two end up side by side?
Kooky, huh?


Jerrie said...

Crazy! :) It is like all the stars aligned or something (haha).

I am a magazine addict and O! is not on my "list" but every once in awhile one calls me, so I totally get ya there. Sometimes I like the At Home one - I love Nate.


It's official. You must begin to write a gardening book based on your farm. Git going. Yes, I said 'git'.Thank You soooo much for your kind words. xo

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

How funny!
I think you need to rush out and buy lottery tickets.