Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sunshine and Lollipops

And blue skies and flower buds and

...oh...sing along my friends!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Green acres is the place to be, farm livin' is the life for me!

Uh oh...

I've been making this farm thing look like the sweeet life, and it is...most days... unless you go for a walk, out back, where I gave up.

I used to pick up all of the sticks and winter storm damage from the trees....and then I stopped.
And then a tree fell down and went through the roof of the heifer barn.

And then another tree fell down, and it's leaning against another tree...who wants to fall down too.


Another realtor called yesterday, this happens a lot. No, we don't want to sell. Yes,I know there was a tree through the roof of the barn, uh huh, we fixed that. Yes, I know that tree fell down last year, yes...that's a lot of don't have a fireplace and the chainsaw is broken, besides...that sideways tree is still's growing sideways and it's making a cool hut.
My friend Jerrie says sideways happens...embrace it.

One of these days another realtor will call, and maybe we'll say yes. Stop the madness!
What the heck am I sayin'. What on earth would I write about if I lived in a condo?


tami said...

Probably all the trips you would have time to take?
Or your little bitty container garden?

Jodi said...

Hey don't do it! I have a wonderful view of "this old farm" from my kitchen window. Remember what those developers did to my trees. LIke I always say ......I can't say much.

Jerrie said...

If you lived in a condo you could write about all the crazy people who live by you - if there was a pool you could get some good pics of people wearing inappropriate clothing! I think you should do it - people watching, therefore writing would be great!!!

Haha. Just kidding. You are my farm friend...I don't have many of those! :) And really - sometimes sideways does "just happen" - you tell those people!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

You make em laugh - I'm a country girl in a condo and I know what you mean!!

Diane Mandy said...

You'd write about the neighbors, for sure. It's quite a compliment that agents keep calling in this market!

Dianne said...

I always embrace the sideways in my life.

there's something quite beautiful about the pattern of all those sticks and the moss and the lighting - your own private widerness.

keep the farm - you're living a piece of my dream.

Shelly said...

Tami- Yeah, remember the days when you flicked a leaf off your appt. patio and called it good?
Jodi- Hey, maybe those developers wanna come over here...hmmm...add another 18 holes of golf!
Jerrie - Hey, I have a puddle in the back yard...where I wear inappropriate clothing...what you sayin?
All Things- Works for me!
Diane M- They're telling me the calls will end soon...something to do with the blueberry market.
Dianne-Your dream...sometimes my bad dream...but not always ;D