Friday, March 7, 2008

Surgery Center

I haven't lived with puppy antics for a really long time...this little missy is full of wild puppy energy. She's a jumping, running, sassing, teasing, teething maniac. She's ripped apart three teddy bears, that's "cow" in her mouth, so far cow is only oozing stuffing out of one horn. The Husband left her in the truck too long this morning and she snacked on the seat...guess she had a little upholstery craving.

I think I may just sew up the wound and this teddy will be one-legged for a while...until the other leg comes off.... and then the arms.

Speaking of surgery, The Husband and I spent most of yesterday at the surgery center for humans. He had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair damage to his meniscus....he's only been walking around with a torn meniscus for hmmm....30 years or so.

Note: Those signs on the ski slope that warn you not to ski "out of bounds"....well...they put them there for a reason, it's dangerous...bad stuff like avalanches and painful meniscus tears can happen.

On a happy note, the surgery went great. He lounged on the couch last night with zero pain...later on he went upstairs to our bedroom without difficulty.
This pain...this is odd...not even a twinge. Did they really do the surgery? I know he's tough and has a high pain tolerance but my goodness, not one wince!


tami said...

Isn't the blog world great! Just about the time I'm going to call you up to check on Vern, you post. Love it! Glad he is dong so well. Better take it easy though.

Dianne said...

Glad your husband is recovery nicely.

I think puppy may need those rubber toys!

Jerrie said...

Glad all is going well...I can't believe he has been walking around w/ a torn meniscus for so long - my brother had that (at 19) and his knee cap would move to the side of his leg - soooooo gross!

You will have to buy stock in some sort of stuffed animal company here soon...

Jodi said...

Get well soon Vern and teddy bear!

pink dogwood said...

Your puppy is so cute :) - best wishes to your husband

Shelly said...

Tam- My family thinks I'm a blog-a-holic...they're talking about treatment.
Dianne- She has some! She's spoiled rotten.
Jerrie- His was an easy fix, small tear.
Jodi- Teddy B. is almost a carcass.
Pink- Thanks! Got a good puppy (and husband...lolol)